tightrope – BUCK-TICK (Lyrics/Translation)

久しぶりにバクチク~ ❤ (After a long time, I’m back to some B-T)

With everything slowing down with the last of exams and the school term over, it’s easy to get a little depressed. Hehe, the weather here is so nice, it’s hard to be morose, though. This is a perfect song to relax to! This is another song that I translated a long time ago. Well, probably about a year though it feels like longer. This is also due for some revisions but it’s fine as it is, I think 🙂


I close my eyes

You follow with shaking fingers, always, ah. How maddning!
You sway as if swimming through the sky, ah
How beautiful.

In the depths of darkness, someone laughs. Beckoned with bent wrist. Ah, I’m there.
Tonight, my soul is strange, wherever I go, ah.
It looks like I’m going to fall.

Relying only on the scent of death.

Waver, waver, wavering, I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.
Waver, waver, wavering. I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.

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