tightrope – BUCK-TICK (Lyrics/Translation)

久しぶりにバクチク~ ❤ (After a long time, I’m back to some B-T)

With everything slowing down with the last of exams and the school term over, it’s easy to get a little depressed. Hehe, the weather here is so nice, it’s hard to be morose, though. This is a perfect song to relax to! This is another song that I translated a long time ago. Well, probably about a year though it feels like longer. This is also due for some revisions but it’s fine as it is, I think 🙂


I close my eyes

You follow with shaking fingers, always, ah. How maddning!
You sway as if swimming through the sky, ah
How beautiful.

In the depths of darkness, someone laughs. Beckoned with bent wrist. Ah, I’m there.
Tonight, my soul is strange, wherever I go, ah.
It looks like I’m going to fall.

Relying only on the scent of death.

Waver, waver, wavering, I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.
Waver, waver, wavering. I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.

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Ama-oto wa Chopin no Shirabe – Kobayashi Asami (Lyrics/Translation)

This song has a bit of back-story to it which, if you’re interested in I will elucidate for you now but if not, just screw it and scroll down to the lyrics 😉 It’s not that important.

So, this song here is actually a Japanese translation of a song that was originally in English but it’s lyrics are a little different so I translated them back about… 3 years ago. As such, they probably have mistakes in them but I haven’t reviewed them yet so if you think they’re a bit weird then let me know, please ❤

The original song is by an Italian group called Gazebo and their PV is at the bottom of the post but the version that introduced me to this song was Sakurai Atsushi’s however that is a cover of a cover of a cover…. yeah. That, along with a few other covers are also at the bottom of the post (^^)b Enjoy!


The Sound of Rain is a Melody of Chopin’s

Covering my ears, I clench my fist as my heart becomes numb. A sweet melody.
Stop it, that Chopin
I can’t meet him any more.
Rainy Days. Without cutting our ties.
Don’t knock on my window.
Rainy Days. Consolation is a narcotic.
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Kinjirareta Asobi ~Adult Children~ – Buck Tick (Translation/Lyrics)

(Not my video nor translation, this was the best video I could find, sorry)

Or in English, Forbidden Games ~Adult Children~ or maybe Forbidden Play…? Games sounds more natural. Anyway! I’m now going to shamelessly steal the insight given on NotTheGreatestSite to say that this whole thing is about child abuse and Atsushi (vocal) kind of overcoming some of the abuse that he went through as a child. In that sense, adult children are children in that situation who have now grown up though a part of that abused child is still within them.

This is such a special song~ Anyway! I have a translation note here that I’ll throw some info about at the bottom, in case you’re interested but essentially, there’s a little bit of dialogue going on here with a demon and an angel talking to child-Atsushi. Kind of like the demon/angel on your shoulder, right? Well, they refer to Atsushi in different ways and so I tried to reflect that in their lines (which are coloured) though it could be noted that they just call him “you”, though different forms of “you” with different connotations.


I was always frightened, wasn’t I?
I was always trembling.
Life is dream. Life is but a dream.
I was always dreaming.

Muffling my screams,
I killed myself.
Life is dream. Life is but a dream.
It’s a nightmare, isn’t it?

Is this room everything?
This world with nothing in it.

A demon invites me, “Crawl out into the night,
Let’s love! Let’s go mad! You’re free,”

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Hamelin – LÄ-PPISCH (Translation/Lyrics)

This is LÄ-PPISCH’s work originally (I think) though I first heard of it through BUCK-TICK. This is such an enchanting song, I feel like I would be lead away by a band easily, if I heard them playing this~

Lyrics・歌詞 – Gen Ueda (上田現)

Music・作曲 – Gen Ueda (上田現)


From the neighbouring village, again, a mysterious band of musicians goes to the next village.
They pass by my window, slowly.
They must have met so many different peoples,
And walked through so many different towns,
And will go to many more after this?
Take me with you, take me with you, take me with you.
If it’s a flute, I can play it!
And I can strike the drums!
Hey, will you teach me that song?
I’m a terrible dancer.
But I’ll dance with all my might.
Hey, will you teach me that step?
From the neighbouring village, again, a mysterious band of musicians goes on to the next village.

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