Seiyou Kottou Yaneuradou – Sound Horizon [Lyrics/Translation]


Ahh~ So NEIN came out last month, the 9th horizon, and it’s as wonderful as expected so! In celebration of that, I want to translate the lot of it but I’ll admit, SH is a bit tricky to translate so bare with me, if you please (^^) To begin with, this track falls slap-bang in the middle of the album and I haven’t seen any translations for it yet so here we go~

If you don’t know what Sound Horizon is, they are a group fronted by Revo (You know Attack on Titan’s OP? That guy) and every album is a horizon end each horizon is a huge story. This horizon is tying all of the previous ones together


Noel → Blue

Shop Owner → Purple

Words sometimes are sung differently to how their written so [words in these brackets are what’s written], (while these are what’s said). {These are for dialogue}

One of these * means there is a translation note while one of these + means there is a plot note. Enjoy~ ❤


{Jesus, Noel! Where are you right now?}
{Well, I came real close but, uh…}
{That’s why I said we should go together but you had to insist you were ok alone… On the corner of FLOWER ASATO, you go left and- oh, shit! Noel, wait right there! My battery&battery is gonna-…}

On a dusky back ally… in the corner of an industrial building…
Unexpectedly, I loiter a little… outside of that out-of-place, Western-style house.

A shop front I can’t remember having seen before… The sign says [Western Antique Attic Shop] (Attic Shop)
As if pulled by an invisible arm… I set my hand to the luxurious door…

Instead of a [foyer] (entrance), it suddenly became a set of stairs.
Climb↑ Climb↑ Climb↑
What was waiting for me at the very top was….

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more shiny – no-ix (Lily & vflower) [Lyrics/translation]

UPDATE: Subbsss~~

Another request from RyukaMoon which is waay later than it should be ^^; The only apology I can offer is that I suddenly got busy. Well, in either case, here it is~ I’ve never translated rap before so it worked out interestingly! 🙂 In Japanese, they tend to throw in English words which can make translating rap kind of tricky. This one was ok, though~

I hope you enjoy it!


Liliy → Yellow

vflower → Purple

Both → Red


If those thoughts (/emotions), carried by the wind reach you….
Come on, let’s start that miraculous season.

More shiny, for you.
Now, shine!
I’ll be smiling for sure, just for you.
LaLALA… Carrying you

My hair flutters in the island breeze.

Grasp, any chance, seize the wind
Reach out your hand
Make memories. Let’s run through the wind
Love any time. Don’t let go of
My hand, laced in yours.

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Lady Vampire – V3 Lily (maya) [Translation/Lyrics]

UPDATE: This fine video is subbed by Miss RyukaMoon so show her some love~ ❤

Another voca-request! (^^)b I like this one much more than the last one beautiful!

Only 1 boring note. I took a liberty and tried to make the English in the lyrics a little easier to understand so if you see italics, I’ve made a change.

UPDATE: I forgot to translate the little narrative passage at the beginning of the PV~


([narrative on the PV] Long, long ago, in a certain place there was a beautiful woman.
With golden hair like silk, and eyes like a kitten’s, the colour of a blue moon.
Everyone became her prisoner.
But, if it’s a moonlit night, take care…
Because, she is a vampire.

Lady. Tough to the bottom of my stomach.
A flowing bottom line.
While catching their gazes,
I entice the males to me.

Maybe. Even someone like me has experienced love.
It’s something that’s already long-forgotten about.

Held in these hands is
The corpse of you, who I loved.
The absolute taste drove me mad.

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Ama-oto wa Chopin no Shirabe – Kobayashi Asami (Lyrics/Translation)

This song has a bit of back-story to it which, if you’re interested in I will elucidate for you now but if not, just screw it and scroll down to the lyrics 😉 It’s not that important.

So, this song here is actually a Japanese translation of a song that was originally in English but it’s lyrics are a little different so I translated them back about… 3 years ago. As such, they probably have mistakes in them but I haven’t reviewed them yet so if you think they’re a bit weird then let me know, please ❤

The original song is by an Italian group called Gazebo and their PV is at the bottom of the post but the version that introduced me to this song was Sakurai Atsushi’s however that is a cover of a cover of a cover…. yeah. That, along with a few other covers are also at the bottom of the post (^^)b Enjoy!


The Sound of Rain is a Melody of Chopin’s

Covering my ears, I clench my fist as my heart becomes numb. A sweet melody.
Stop it, that Chopin
I can’t meet him any more.
Rainy Days. Without cutting our ties.
Don’t knock on my window.
Rainy Days. Consolation is a narcotic.
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Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa – Ceui (Lyrics/Translation)

EPIC TIME!!!!!11!!11!

I hope you’re ready because this song is not only huge but it’s got a lot of back story ^^; Now, my translation is a little clunky at the moment but it conveys the meaning so don’t be surprised if you come back in a few weeks and see it looking pretty different. The lyrics are a little unclear as to what’s narrative and what’s spoken word so bear with me

(Warning: Long post ahead!)


The Legend of the Boy Who Became a Flower

I Prologue
This is a story from long, long ago. A tale from a far-off land. Beneath the brilliant sky I [God of the Sun]* and you [a boy] met by chance.
We where so happy together. “If we where to meet again just once more… if I could hear your voice just once more… Where am I to go now having lost you?”

II The Cloud Goddess
Vividly, languidly desiring light [the Sun], Fate crumbled into a cruel sky [Paradise].
The love that surrounded their relationship evoked jealousy in the Cloud Goddess and she couldn’t forgive them
“Say! Say! Love me! Say! Say! Look at me! Say! Say! Kneel before me! Say! Say! Above anyone else, Say! Say! I am the most beautiful in the world…!” Continue reading


Butterfly Knife – Kagamine Len (NantokaP) [Lyrics/Translation]

Featured image

【ニコニコ動画】【鏡音レン】 Butterfly Knife 【オリジナル曲】

I haven’t really translated much Vocaloid stuff before but this came as a request and I’m loath to turn them down 🙂 This one was surprisingly short so it only took, like half an hour to get it all done o.o For once! As ever, scroll for the Romaji/Japanese lyrics. I was so happy to get a request for once so if there’s anything you want, let me know ❤ Also, sorry the embedded video isn’t from Youtube (again). This one is niconico so follow the link, you might have to make an account, let me know if you have any problems playing it >W<


Pocket knife.
The hand I’m holding it in is sweating.
It’ll change everything.
The power is in me.

The truth is
Certainly, violent and sad.

(Ah… La…)

Mom, I can do it on my own.
Please, don’t hate me for that.


A single, terrible word
Cuts through my chest, gruesomely.
It looks like sense is scattering away and vanishing, huh.
That empty time* is burned into my memory. Continue reading