A Cat in Love Won’t Be Disheartened! – FeiP (GUMI) [Lyrics/Translation]

Request time!! Thanks to a dear named RyukaMoon from Youtube (who I met around the time I did Lady Vampire), I got two lovely requests so I’ll upload the second of those tomorrow~ First is actually a kind of sad one ^^; But romantic

So, since this is a cat song, the main character puts “nyan” into her lines as much as possible which isn’t so easy to write in English~ ^^; I tried so if you see weird spellings… that’s my weak attempt at making her sound like a cat. Also, many cat puns so watch the translator’s notes (^^)b


Cat’s foot*. A sneaky step.
No myatter what, I’m aiming for you
If I’m ignored, it’ll be a cat-astrophe!

I wonder, why this could be?
Are you even ignoring, ignoring, ignoring my purrfectly inviting voice*?
Hey, notice me! Care about me!

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Kinjirareta Asobi ~Adult Children~ – Buck Tick (Translation/Lyrics)

(Not my video nor translation, this was the best video I could find, sorry)

Or in English, Forbidden Games ~Adult Children~ or maybe Forbidden Play…? Games sounds more natural. Anyway! I’m now going to shamelessly steal the insight given on NotTheGreatestSite to say that this whole thing is about child abuse and Atsushi (vocal) kind of overcoming some of the abuse that he went through as a child. In that sense, adult children are children in that situation who have now grown up though a part of that abused child is still within them.

This is such a special song~ Anyway! I have a translation note here that I’ll throw some info about at the bottom, in case you’re interested but essentially, there’s a little bit of dialogue going on here with a demon and an angel talking to child-Atsushi. Kind of like the demon/angel on your shoulder, right? Well, they refer to Atsushi in different ways and so I tried to reflect that in their lines (which are coloured) though it could be noted that they just call him “you”, though different forms of “you” with different connotations.


I was always frightened, wasn’t I?
I was always trembling.
Life is dream. Life is but a dream.
I was always dreaming.

Muffling my screams,
I killed myself.
Life is dream. Life is but a dream.
It’s a nightmare, isn’t it?

Is this room everything?
This world with nothing in it.

A demon invites me, “Crawl out into the night,
Let’s love! Let’s go mad! You’re free,”

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