A Cat in Love Won’t Be Disheartened! – FeiP (GUMI) [Lyrics/Translation]

Request time!! Thanks to a dear named RyukaMoon from Youtube (who I met around the time I did Lady Vampire), I got two lovely requests so I’ll upload the second of those tomorrow~ First is actually a kind of sad one ^^; But romantic

So, since this is a cat song, the main character puts “nyan” into her lines as much as possible which isn’t so easy to write in English~ ^^; I tried so if you see weird spellings… that’s my weak attempt at making her sound like a cat. Also, many cat puns so watch the translator’s notes (^^)b


Cat’s foot*. A sneaky step.
No myatter what, I’m aiming for you
If I’m ignored, it’ll be a cat-astrophe!

I wonder, why this could be?
Are you even ignoring, ignoring, ignoring my purrfectly inviting voice*?
Hey, notice me! Care about me!

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Dress – BUCK TICK (Lyrics/Translation)

This is a pretty old one and it’s probably been translated a thousand times over but I haven’t posted in a while and this was lying around so why not, right? (^^;)

The translation in the video isn’t mine but it was the highest quality version of the PV I could find so if you speak Spanish, this is a double prize for you! This particular video has romaji subs as well so… woo~


Before the mirror, you doze. Light pink fingertips.
Suddenly, that hand showed a weakness. Your lips are closed.
On that day, I exchanged a promise with you.
Now, we can’t even remember it.

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innermost… – Közi (Lyrics/Translation)

Nostalgia time!

MALICE MIZER have been my favourite band for a long, long, long time now and I would love to post some of my translations of they songs online but… they’ve been translated to death already so for now I’ll dump some Közi stuff here and there because he doesn’t get enough love in his solo work ❤ I posted this translation in the comments of a youtube video once but since then they’ve been revised a lot ^^;


Innermost… spiritual voice.
I should be able to hear it…
That voice that hasn’t disappeared…
The feint murmur was,
in the uncertain wind of reality, lost.

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tightrope – BUCK-TICK (Lyrics/Translation)

久しぶりにバクチク~ ❤ (After a long time, I’m back to some B-T)

With everything slowing down with the last of exams and the school term over, it’s easy to get a little depressed. Hehe, the weather here is so nice, it’s hard to be morose, though. This is a perfect song to relax to! This is another song that I translated a long time ago. Well, probably about a year though it feels like longer. This is also due for some revisions but it’s fine as it is, I think 🙂


I close my eyes

You follow with shaking fingers, always, ah. How maddning!
You sway as if swimming through the sky, ah
How beautiful.

In the depths of darkness, someone laughs. Beckoned with bent wrist. Ah, I’m there.
Tonight, my soul is strange, wherever I go, ah.
It looks like I’m going to fall.

Relying only on the scent of death.

Waver, waver, wavering, I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.
Waver, waver, wavering. I cross the rope.
I close my eyes.

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Lady Vampire – V3 Lily (maya) [Translation/Lyrics]

UPDATE: This fine video is subbed by Miss RyukaMoon so show her some love~ ❤

Another voca-request! (^^)b I like this one much more than the last one beautiful!

Only 1 boring note. I took a liberty and tried to make the English in the lyrics a little easier to understand so if you see italics, I’ve made a change.

UPDATE: I forgot to translate the little narrative passage at the beginning of the PV~


([narrative on the PV] Long, long ago, in a certain place there was a beautiful woman.
With golden hair like silk, and eyes like a kitten’s, the colour of a blue moon.
Everyone became her prisoner.
But, if it’s a moonlit night, take care…
Because, she is a vampire.

Lady. Tough to the bottom of my stomach.
A flowing bottom line.
While catching their gazes,
I entice the males to me.

Maybe. Even someone like me has experienced love.
It’s something that’s already long-forgotten about.

Held in these hands is
The corpse of you, who I loved.
The absolute taste drove me mad.

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Beauty and Youth (Utsukushisa to Wakasa) – Charan Po Rantan (Translation/Lyrics)

Back to Charan Po Rantan~ ❤

I should mention! I translate these from the lyrics I find on sites like mojim or uta-net or whatever and Charan’s PV online is a little short and I haven’t bought any of their albums yet ^^; So, if you have the full version of the song and spot a difference or a mistake, let me know ❤


I want to change myself.
Myself, I want to change.
I want to change myself.

Certainly so, perhaps. Perhaps certainly so.
If I change this bit I’ll be reborn.

I hate myself,
Myself, I hate.
Here and there and there.

Certainly so, perhaps. Perhaps certainly so.
If I change this bit, I’ll feel better.

Doctor, put in the scalpel.
Into the eye of my past*.

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Ama-oto wa Chopin no Shirabe – Kobayashi Asami (Lyrics/Translation)

This song has a bit of back-story to it which, if you’re interested in I will elucidate for you now but if not, just screw it and scroll down to the lyrics 😉 It’s not that important.

So, this song here is actually a Japanese translation of a song that was originally in English but it’s lyrics are a little different so I translated them back about… 3 years ago. As such, they probably have mistakes in them but I haven’t reviewed them yet so if you think they’re a bit weird then let me know, please ❤

The original song is by an Italian group called Gazebo and their PV is at the bottom of the post but the version that introduced me to this song was Sakurai Atsushi’s however that is a cover of a cover of a cover…. yeah. That, along with a few other covers are also at the bottom of the post (^^)b Enjoy!


The Sound of Rain is a Melody of Chopin’s

Covering my ears, I clench my fist as my heart becomes numb. A sweet melody.
Stop it, that Chopin
I can’t meet him any more.
Rainy Days. Without cutting our ties.
Don’t knock on my window.
Rainy Days. Consolation is a narcotic.
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