The start…



I’ve never done this before! In fact, this is my inaugural post so maybe I should make it something more formal! (ufufu, yeah, right) Well, as of this moment in time, as a kind of introduction, I have opened an About page, just next to this one so all of the descriptions for this blog are living there right now.

What? You don’t want to bother reading that? Fine! I will use my wizard-admin-powers of copy and paste to bring it here to you.


Ya~! Welcome to the blog! Blogs are something I’ve very new to and this is my first ever post (warblargerigmfg) but I’ve been translating all sorts of things from Japanese to English for about 3 years now so I decided to put that hobby to good use and put them somewhere people can view them! If you have any requests, I’m more than happy to take them!

As far as content goes, expect plenty of anime-related goings on! I’m a lover of dark aesthetics, too, though so bands like BUCK-TICK and Malice Mizer are probably going to come and go quite a lot, too along with some doujin bits and pieces.

There is it! (^^) I hope this blog is of use to you ❤

Here’s to our time together!!


~~ Yami x