Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa – Ceui (Lyrics/Translation)

EPIC TIME!!!!!11!!11!

I hope you’re ready because this song is not only huge but it’s got a lot of back story ^^; Now, my translation is a little clunky at the moment but it conveys the meaning so don’t be surprised if you come back in a few weeks and see it looking pretty different. The lyrics are a little unclear as to what’s narrative and what’s spoken word so bear with me

(Warning: Long post ahead!)


The Legend of the Boy Who Became a Flower

I Prologue
This is a story from long, long ago. A tale from a far-off land. Beneath the brilliant sky I [God of the Sun]* and you [a boy] met by chance.
We where so happy together. “If we where to meet again just once more… if I could hear your voice just once more… Where am I to go now having lost you?”

II The Cloud Goddess
Vividly, languidly desiring light [the Sun], Fate crumbled into a cruel sky [Paradise].
The love that surrounded their relationship evoked jealousy in the Cloud Goddess and she couldn’t forgive them
“Say! Say! Love me! Say! Say! Look at me! Say! Say! Kneel before me! Say! Say! Above anyone else, Say! Say! I am the most beautiful in the world…!” Continue reading