innermost… – Közi (Lyrics/Translation)

Nostalgia time!

MALICE MIZER have been my favourite band for a long, long, long time now and I would love to post some of my translations of they songs online but… they’ve been translated to death already so for now I’ll dump some Közi stuff here and there because he doesn’t get enough love in his solo work ❤ I posted this translation in the comments of a youtube video once but since then they’ve been revised a lot ^^;


Innermost… spiritual voice.
I should be able to hear it…
That voice that hasn’t disappeared…
The feint murmur was,
in the uncertain wind of reality, lost.

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France Kabure – Charan Po Rantan (Translation/Lyrics)

Ah~ I’m so hooked on Charan Po Rantan right now!!

On a side note, I don’t know how true this is but a while ago I read about something called Paris Syndrome where people are so caught up in the romantic image they have of Paris that they go there, discover that it’s not really that romantic at all and suffer symptoms of depression. (o.o)

On another side note, I don’t know if Fracophile is a real word though it seemed to fit the translation~ A France Kabure, or Furansu Kabure (フランスかぶれ) is essentially someone who is obsessed with French culture so, since there are Japanophiles, I decided perhaps there are Fracophiles too ^^


Early afternoon on my day off,
I do my shopping in the bakery~
Putting the French bread into my bike’s basket,
I hum a chanson~

What a lovely day~!
I go for a bike ride~
The path I take is covered with Autum leaves
Yes, I’m a Francophile.

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