more shiny – no-ix (Lily & vflower) [Lyrics/translation]

UPDATE: Subbsss~~

Another request from RyukaMoon which is waay later than it should be ^^; The only apology I can offer is that I suddenly got busy. Well, in either case, here it is~ I’ve never translated rap before so it worked out interestingly! πŸ™‚ In Japanese, they tend to throw in English words which can make translating rap kind of tricky. This one was ok, though~

I hope you enjoy it!


Liliy β†’ Yellow

vflower β†’ Purple

Both β†’ Red


If those thoughts (/emotions), carried by the wind reach you….
Come on, let’s start that miraculous season.

More shiny, for you.
Now, shine!
I’ll be smiling for sure, just for you.
LaLALA… Carrying you

My hair flutters in the island breeze.

Grasp, any chance, seize the wind
Reach out your hand
Make memories. Let’s run through the wind
Love any time. Don’t let go of
My hand, laced in yours.

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A Cat in Love Won’t Be Disheartened! – FeiP (GUMI) [Lyrics/Translation]

Request time!! Thanks to a dear named RyukaMoon from Youtube (who I met around the time I did Lady Vampire), I got two lovely requests so I’ll upload the second of those tomorrow~ First is actually a kind of sad one ^^; But romantic

So, since this is a cat song, the main character puts “nyan” into her lines as much as possible which isn’t so easy to write in English~ ^^; I tried so if you see weird spellings… that’s my weak attempt at making her sound like a cat. Also, many cat puns so watch the translator’s notes (^^)b


Cat’s foot*. A sneaky step.
No myatter what, I’m aiming for you
If I’m ignored, it’ll be a cat-astrophe!

I wonder, why this could be?
Are you even ignoring, ignoring, ignoring my purrfectly inviting voice*?
Hey, notice me! Care about me!

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Lady Vampire – V3 Lily (maya) [Translation/Lyrics]

UPDATE: This fine video is subbed by Miss RyukaMoon so show her some love~ ❀

Another voca-request! (^^)b I like this one much more than the last one beautiful!

Only 1 boring note. I took a liberty and tried to make the English in the lyrics a little easier to understand so if you see italics, I’ve made a change.

UPDATE: I forgot to translate the little narrative passage at the beginning of the PV~


([narrative on the PV]Β Long, long ago, in a certain place there was a beautiful woman.
With golden hair like silk, and eyes like a kitten’s, the colour of a blue moon.
Everyone became her prisoner.
But, if it’s a moonlit night, take care…
Because, she is a vampire.

Lady. Tough to the bottom of my stomach.
A flowing bottom line.
While catching their gazes,
I entice the males to me.

Maybe. Even someone like me has experienced love.
It’s something that’s already long-forgotten about.

Held in these hands is
The corpse of you, who I loved.
The absolute taste drove me mad.

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Butterfly Knife – Kagamine Len (NantokaP) [Lyrics/Translation]

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γ€γƒ‹γ‚³γƒ‹γ‚³ε‹•η”»γ€‘γ€ι‘ιŸ³γƒ¬γƒ³γ€‘ Butterfly Knife 【γ‚ͺγƒͺγ‚ΈγƒŠγƒ«ζ›²γ€‘

I haven’t really translated much Vocaloid stuff before but this came as a request and I’m loath to turn them down πŸ™‚ This one was surprisingly short so it only took, like half an hour to get it all done o.o For once! As ever, scroll for the Romaji/Japanese lyrics. I was so happy to get a request for once so if there’s anything you want, let me know ❀ Also, sorry the embedded video isn’t from Youtube (again). This one is niconico so follow the link, you might have to make an account, let me know if you have any problems playing it >W<


Pocket knife.
The hand I’m holding it in is sweating.
It’ll change everything.
The power is in me.

The truth is
Certainly, violent and sad.

(Ah… La…)

Mom, I can do it on my own.
Please, don’t hate me for that.


A single, terrible word
Cuts through my chest, gruesomely.
It looks like sense is scattering away and vanishing, huh.
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Patalliro OP (full) -Fusako Fujimoto (Translation/Lyrics) 【パタγƒͺロ】

And now for something completely different!

Do you know Patalliro(パタγƒͺγƒ­)? It’s an old anime from the 80’s that kind of made fun of the whole “bishounen” thing, parodying all of the big works like The Rose of Versailles (or maybe Lady Oscar to you). It’s amazing, even if you’re not really into anime, I’d give it a shot


Pah, pah, pah, pah Pah, pah, pah, pah
Pah, pah, pah, pah Poh, peh, pu, pi, pah β€»

Making a commotion from morning till night,
Cackling as he plays a trick,
Worn out when you need him most,
Pah, peh, pi, pu, peh poh, pah, poh Patalliro!

If there’s an incident, he transforms
A flying rocket, take off!
When he slips and falls, he swoons
Pah, peh, pi, pu, peh poh, pah, poh Patalliro!
He loves doing what no-one ever thought to do before
ridicullirously 十
What an amazing thing, Patalliro!

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