…the translator.

Ya~! Welcome to the blog! Blogs are something I’ve very new to and this is my first ever post (warblargerigmfg) but I’ve been translating all sorts of things from Japanese to English for about 3 years now so I decided to put that hobby to good use and put them somewhere people can view them! If you have any requests, I’m more than happy to take them!

…the blog.

As far as content goes, expect plenty of anime-related goings on! I’m a lover of dark aesthetics, too, though so bands like BUCK-TICK and Malice Mizer are probably going to come and go quite a lot, too along with some doujin bits and pieces.

I’m super open to suggestions, though!


To be very frank, my love of Japanese is really an otaku-based thing though I’ve nursed a burning passion for the language for a long, long time. Even so, I still have an awful lot to learn and even more to correct so if you see any mistakes or you have any questions or critiques then I’m very, very eager to read them! ❤ Questions about Japanese or English are super welcome, too!



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