Seiyou Kottou Yaneuradou – Sound Horizon [Lyrics/Translation]


Ahh~ So NEIN came out last month, the 9th horizon, and it’s as wonderful as expected so! In celebration of that, I want to translate the lot of it but I’ll admit, SH is a bit tricky to translate so bare with me, if you please (^^) To begin with, this track falls slap-bang in the middle of the album and I haven’t seen any translations for it yet so here we go~

If you don’t know what Sound Horizon is, they are a group fronted by Revo (You know Attack on Titan’s OP? That guy) and every album is a horizon end each horizon is a huge story. This horizon is tying all of the previous ones together


Noel → Blue

Shop Owner → Purple

Words sometimes are sung differently to how their written so [words in these brackets are what’s written], (while these are what’s said). {These are for dialogue}

One of these * means there is a translation note while one of these + means there is a plot note. Enjoy~ ❤


{Jesus, Noel! Where are you right now?}
{Well, I came real close but, uh…}
{That’s why I said we should go together but you had to insist you were ok alone… On the corner of FLOWER ASATO, you go left and- oh, shit! Noel, wait right there! My battery&battery is gonna-…}

On a dusky back ally… in the corner of an industrial building…
Unexpectedly, I loiter a little… outside of that out-of-place, Western-style house.

A shop front I can’t remember having seen before… The sign says [Western Antique Attic Shop] (Attic Shop)
As if pulled by an invisible arm… I set my hand to the luxurious door…

Instead of a [foyer] (entrance), it suddenly became a set of stairs.
Climb↑ Climb↑ Climb↑
What was waiting for me at the very top was….

Black hair. Purple dress. The small black cat the bewitching shop-owner held to her chest gave a little “Miau♪”

That which is every where, is nowhere.
That which is in the past and the future isn’t here (now)[/doesn’t [exist] here]

This is the gap in the horizon between time and space.
You’re the first one to get lost in the horizon for a while, aren’t you?
[13th Customer, whom we should celebrate] (My boy), welcome to the Western Antique Attic Shop!

–the shopkeeper said seductively.
Without thinking, I rubbed my eyes.
With every blink, the shopkeeper’s existence wavered before me….

From a [lady] (Madame) to a young girl, distorted by the hands of the clock, the old woman turning to a pupa, the young girl into a butterfly, as if passing through the gap in the bars of a cage—-

Thinking about how awesome the shop was, my bell of instinct rang.
But even so, like the moon is entranced by the earth,
I could do nothing but yield to [divine providence] (God).

If there is something you’re interested in,
Please feel free to take it into your hands and examine it. [※Provided it’s not in that drawer in the shelf over there!+]
Cross the distant horizon to the place where miracles gather~~

That would be this shop,
[the Western Antique Attic Shop]

(Here we go! Okay, arena~)
Tonight, I’m going to introduce our beaten [antiques] (members)

1.+ It’s said a hero in a holy war wore this on his body.
Covered in blood, ruined in the dirt, a white silver armour and helmet.

2. As if dancing in the darkness, the doll simply dances,
All she kisses falls to dust, a girl <> (Marionette)

3. Whatever your wishes may be, 3 DoooN!!!
A trendy golden lamp that can totally grant ’em with it’s genie.*

4. Like it was made without a method. Resembling the golden dead.
A cracked mask that [was in the middle of] the tragedy of [unadulterated love] (love) and the comedy of [human life] (life).

5. The mark of reaped, painted throats
Miracle of the century, judicial roster of the dead, a deep crimson jewel.*

6. To all of the living and all of the dead,
A death god’s scythe that massacres souls with a sad [destiny](fate)

7. A wise woman living alone. A curse shot by a witch.
A wild rose thorn that invites dreams and pricked a <> (princess)
∞. The [possibilities](potential) of the horizons are in infinite [coexisting worlds] (parallel worlds)
To cross space-time and reflect phenomena, the [sunglass-shaped information terminal (the Remarkable, Evolutional and Valuable Optical-device)] (Sunglasses).*

Noo!♡ If you look at me with such a heated gaze, I’ll feel flush! (laughs)
Oh? Perhaps, are you interested in this [antique] (girl)?

Uh– I, uh.. no– lately, I’ve– uh… kinda-… you could say it’s that guy’s influence on me or-….
Well, maybe I’m interested… that’s to say… I’m interested in… uh… yeah! I’m interested in both!

This [antique] (girl) is really the type to choose her own partner. Is that all right?
If that [antique] (girl) entrusts herself to you than you don’t need to worry about the price.
[The price](That) would be paid by [when the time comes] (something other than money at some point)….
From [virgins] (angels) to harlots, [impulses] (urges to kill) make the needle swing.
The old women to a [boy] (Garcon), a girl to her [father]
Like passing through the gaps in the bars of a cage–

Thank you for your patronage~♪

When I… came to myself… I was alone… in a back ally… at the corner of an industrial building.
Unexpectedly loitering… what that the hallucination of a premonition?
I recalled the shop front… it’s sign reading “FL❋WER ASAT❋”

Translator’s Notes

*1. Jesus Christ, this is strange to translate. The phrase is this muddled mess of English and Japanese, just.. if there is an inaccuracy, I’m sorry. This was strange.

2. Puns and stuff. By “painted” I mean with make-up but it could also mean stained, like with blood.
Meanwhile, “Miracle of the century” and “Judicial roster of the dead” actually sound almost the same in Japanese though written with different characters. The only difference is “century” is seiki while “justice” is seigi. So the line is “Seiki no kiseki, seigi no kiseki…”

3. Yeah, literal translation. The second name for the glasses is provided in English in the lyrics.


1. Do you remember the letter Noel found from his mother in Vanashing Starlight…?

2. What I think these antiques are. I could be wrong but I would be willing to put money on this. If I missed something, let me know, please! See comments for references.
Alber’s armour from Chronicle.
The Marionette from Thanatos
The lamp that the boy (Alibaba?) is forced to steal in Lost.
The Masked Man’s mask from Elysion
The grand Reine Michelle from Roman
Thanatos’ scythe!? Moira.
The roses that pricked Sleeping Beauty in Marchen
Finally, a certain someone’s sunglasses…. (see comments for an exciting note on this!)


Tune in tomorrow, folks~ I’ll romanise this tonight.


(だから一緒に行こうって言ったのに一人で大丈夫だって言い張るから… FLOWER ASATOの角を左…ってヤバい!ノエルちょっと待って!充電&充電が切れ…)

薄暗い路地裏… 雑居ビルの片隅に…
忽然と佇む… 場違いな洋館…
見覚えのない店構え… 看板には[西洋骨董屋根裏堂](屋根裏堂)
見えざる腕に引かれるように… 豪奢な扉に手をかけたーー
《玄関》(エントランス)代わりの 突然の階段
上る↑ 上る↑ 上る↑
黒い髪 紫のドレス 妖艶な主人の胸に
抱かれた黒猫が 「Miau♪」と小さく鳴いた……
何処にでも在るが 何処でも無い
過去でも未来でも在るが 現在(いま)では無い

此処は 時間 と 空間 地平の狭間

[西洋骨董屋根裏堂]へ ようこそ!
ーーと 店主は艶かしく言った
瞬き数える度 店主の存在は揺らいだ……
《貴婦人》(マダム)から 少女へと 時計の針を捻じ曲げ
老婆は蛹へ 娘は蝶へ 檻の隙間抜けるようにーー
これはヤバい店だと 本能が鐘を鳴らした
それでも 月が地球に惹かれるように
どうぞ 手に取って ご覧になって(※但し手前の棚の抽斗の中以外で!)
隔たる地平を超えて キセキが集まる場所ーー

(Here we go!  オーケイ アリーナ~)

聖戦の英雄 身に纏ったと言う
血に塗れて 地に崩れた 白銀の甲冑
《接吻》(くちづ)けたら 朽ち果て逝く 少女の《操り人形》(マリオネット)
どんな願いでも DoooN!!! と3つまで
マジ de 叶う 魔神 into なう 黄金のランプ
手段選ばぬようじゃ まるで金の亡者
《純愛》(愛)の悲劇 《人生》(生)は喜劇 ひび割れた仮面
彩った首を 刈り取った軌跡
世紀の奇蹟 正義の鬼籍 深紅の宝石
生ける者凡て 死せるのが全て
魂屠る 哀しい《運命》(さだめ) 死神の鎌
賢女の一人だった 魔女が射た呪い
《美姫》(姫)に刺さり ユメを誘う 野ばらの紡錘

地平の《可能性》(ポテンシャル)は 無限大の《平行世界》(パラレルワールド)
時空を超えて 事象を映す 未来の《遮光眼鏡型情報端末(the Remarkable,Evolutional and Valuable Optical-device)》(サングラス)

いやぁん♡ そんな熱い視線で見つめられたら
あらぁ この《骨董品》(こ)がお気に召したかしら?

い… いや… 最近… ちょっと… ある奴の影響と言うか…
興味があるかな? なんて… どちらかと言うと… だぜ…

その《骨董品》(こ)は 一つになる相手を
自分で選ぶ《性格》(タイプ)の《骨董品》(こ)よ よろしくて?
その《骨董品》(こ)が 身を許すなら お代は結構
《対価》(それ)は 《然るべき刻が訪れたら》(金銭以外でいずれ)払われる……

《処女》(アンジュ)から 娼婦へと 《衝動》(殺意)は針を振り切り
老婆は《少年》(ギャルソン)へ 娘は《父親》へ 檻の隙間抜けるようにーー

お買い上げ ありがとうございまぁす♪

気付け… ば… 独り… 路地裏… 雑居ビルの片隅で…
愕然と佇む… 幻覚の予感?
見覚えのある店構え… 看板には[FL❋WER ASAT❋]

(My thanks to dear kuro, who’s blog (Goldfish Flying Through the Sky) I’ve ripped these from.


One thought on “Seiyou Kottou Yaneuradou – Sound Horizon [Lyrics/Translation]

  1. References for the antiques, as promised. I simply didn’t want to mess up the post any more than I already had ^^;
    1. Chronicle/Chronicle 2nd. Listen to the Seisen no Shinigami (Death God of the Holy War) songs from Chronicle 2nd to be caught up but the whole album would help. Those songs begin here (see for trans.)

    2. Thanatos. Kowareta Marionette will catch you up ^^

    3. Lost. The Magician Saraband (Mahoutsukai Sarabando)

    4. Elysion. The whole album, to be honest ^^; This is good for a brief idea of the masked man but he’s quite complex. Eru no Tenbin (El’s Scales)

    5. Roman. Norowareshi Houseki ( covers it but the Reine Michelle also appears in The Wine of Joy and Sorrow (in the Roman manga)

    6. Moira. Well, I say so because it’s chronological but realistically the scythe appears in all of the horizons, doesn’t it? You need the whole album for this one but this song is a good refresher.

    7. Marchen. This is simply Bara no Tou de Nemuru Hime-gimi ( But the lone witch could also be Therese in which case you need all of Idoido but “Majo ni Natta Riyuu” should be enough.

    ∞. In case you are new to SH, Revo is famed for wearing sunglasses when presenting himself as himself. In the limited release of this album, you receive a pair of his sunglasses, actually (which I’m trying desperately to get my hands on (゚д゚;))


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