more shiny – no-ix (Lily & vflower) [Lyrics/translation]

UPDATE: Subbsss~~

Another request from RyukaMoon which is waay later than it should be ^^; The only apology I can offer is that I suddenly got busy. Well, in either case, here it is~ I’ve never translated rap before so it worked out interestingly! 🙂 In Japanese, they tend to throw in English words which can make translating rap kind of tricky. This one was ok, though~

I hope you enjoy it!


Liliy → Yellow

vflower → Purple

Both → Red


If those thoughts (/emotions), carried by the wind reach you….
Come on, let’s start that miraculous season.

More shiny, for you.
Now, shine!
I’ll be smiling for sure, just for you.
LaLALA… Carrying you

My hair flutters in the island breeze.

Grasp, any chance, seize the wind
Reach out your hand
Make memories. Let’s run through the wind
Love any time. Don’t let go of
My hand, laced in yours.

36 degree, red-hot summer days
Well done, coming here from so far away!
This is paradise! This is paradise! Dadadada
Calm down a little!
Let’s construct our base somewhere around here. Best location!
Savage tension*
Let’s go! Confirm the target. Lock on!!

Chasing the waves as they break upon the shore and retreat. Like we did when we were kids.
Making merry and laughing. The two of us. Just for now.
I wished “Oh, Time, stop!”
Lala…. Lala….
I’ll set this wish to the wind.

※ More shiny, for you.
I’ll be smiling, for sure. If I’m with you.
I’ll go anywhere with you, for ever.
Believe in yourself.
Reach out your hand
Grasp. Any chance. Seize the wind.
Make memories. Let’s run through the wind.
Love any time. Don’t let go of
My hand, laced in yours.

Expressing gratitude for our prosperity. Scorching summer days
The greatest tension. It’s us two.
Don’t be violent! Don’t be violent! Come on, come on!*
Calm down, soon”
Let’s take a break for a while somewhere around here.
You’re attention* is here, the next simulation*
Confirm the target for the afternoon. Knock! Knock!

Lalala…. lalala…
I’ll set this wish to the wind.


Translator’s notes

*He writes tention which is probably just a misspelling of tension but it could be… temptation? I know Moi Dix Mois had that mistake once. It’s probably tension, mind.

*Original is “kora kora” and “kora” is a word that you just use to scold someone. Just an interesting little bit of vocab ^^

*Again, misspellings. Atention → attention.
Simuration → simulation


(still colouring, tune in again tomorrow)



もっとshiny 君の為に    さぁ輝いて
きっとsmiling 君だけに
LaLALA… 歌に乗せて    LaLA…LaLa…


grasp any chance 風を掴んで    手を伸ばして
make memories 駆け抜けていこう
love any time 繋いだ手は

36度灼熱summer days
ここらに拠点を設営 best location
荒ぶる tention
イクぜ!目標確認 Lock on!!

寄せては返す波 追いかけ 子供の頃の様
はしゃいで笑って 2人 今だけ
時よ止まれと 願ったの

※  もっとshiny 君の為に
きっとsmiling 君となら
believe in yourself
grasp any chance 風を掴んで
make memories 駆け抜けていこう
love any time 繋いだ手は

盛況御礼 灼熱summer days
最大tention お二人様です
これにatention 次のsimuration
午後の目標確認 knock! knock!





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