Ama-oto wa Chopin no Shirabe – Kobayashi Asami (Lyrics/Translation)

This song has a bit of back-story to it which, if you’re interested in I will elucidate for you now but if not, just screw it and scroll down to the lyrics 😉 It’s not that important.

So, this song here is actually a Japanese translation of a song that was originally in English but it’s lyrics are a little different so I translated them back about… 3 years ago. As such, they probably have mistakes in them but I haven’t reviewed them yet so if you think they’re a bit weird then let me know, please ❤

The original song is by an Italian group called Gazebo and their PV is at the bottom of the post but the version that introduced me to this song was Sakurai Atsushi’s however that is a cover of a cover of a cover…. yeah. That, along with a few other covers are also at the bottom of the post (^^)b Enjoy!


The Sound of Rain is a Melody of Chopin’s

Covering my ears, I clench my fist as my heart becomes numb. A sweet melody.
Stop it, that Chopin
I can’t meet him any more.
Rainy Days. Without cutting our ties.
Don’t knock on my window.
Rainy Days. Consolation is a narcotic.

I rest my cheek on my knee
Whispering “I love you”. The melody of the rain.

Cut it out. That Chopin.
If it’s a memory, I don’t need it.
Rainy days. Until I stop being someone special to you.
Rainy days. Memorised piano

Rainy days. Without cutting our ties,
if we look back into the shadows

Rainy Days. The room at twilight is… Ah…

Rainy days. That special person is living on in my heart
Rainy days. Turning the master key. Chopin. Ah…


Mimi wa fusagu Yubi wo kuguri
Kokoro shibirasu amai shirabe
Tomete Ano Shopan
Kare ni wa mou aenai no
Rainy Days Tachi-kirezu
Mado wo tatakanaide
Rainy Days Ki-yasume wa mayaku Ah…

Hiza no ue ni, hoho wo nosete
“Suki” to tsubuyaku ame no shirabe

Yamete sono Shopan
Omoide nara iranai wa
Rainy Days Tokubetsu no hito de nakunaru made
Rainy Days Angou no piano. Ah…

Rainy days Tachi-kirezu
Kaze ni furi-kareba
Rainy days Tasogare no heya wa Ah…

Rainy days tokubetsu no hito wa mune ni ikite
Rainy days Aikagi wa mawasu Chopin Ah…


耳をふさぐ 指をくぐり
心 痺らす 甘い調べ
止めて あのショパン
Rainy days 断ち切れず
Rainy days 気休めは 麻薬 Ah…

ひざの上に ほほをのせて
「好き」とつぶやく 雨の調べ

やめて そのショパン
Rainy days 特別の人でなくなるまで
Rainy days 暗号のピアノ Ah…

Rainy days 断ち切れず
Rainy days たそがれの部屋は Ah…

Rainy days 特別の人は胸に生きて
Rainy days 合鍵を回す Chopin Ah…

Hall of Fame (and covers)

Gazebo – The Original

Sakurai Atsushi(櫻井敦司・BUCK-TICK) - My personal favourite

His Highness, Demon Kakka (デーモン閣下) - If you don’t know him, Google this magnificent man now. This is the roughest version of this song I’ve ever heard~

Kawamura Ryuuichi/LUNA SEA (河村隆一・LUNA SEA) – This one has the nicest accompaniment ❤


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