Butterfly Knife – Kagamine Len (NantokaP) [Lyrics/Translation]

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【ニコニコ動画】【鏡音レン】 Butterfly Knife 【オリジナル曲】

I haven’t really translated much Vocaloid stuff before but this came as a request and I’m loath to turn them down 🙂 This one was surprisingly short so it only took, like half an hour to get it all done o.o For once! As ever, scroll for the Romaji/Japanese lyrics. I was so happy to get a request for once so if there’s anything you want, let me know ❤ Also, sorry the embedded video isn’t from Youtube (again). This one is niconico so follow the link, you might have to make an account, let me know if you have any problems playing it >W<


Pocket knife.
The hand I’m holding it in is sweating.
It’ll change everything.
The power is in me.

The truth is
Certainly, violent and sad.

(Ah… La…)

Mom, I can do it on my own.
Please, don’t hate me for that.


A single, terrible word
Cuts through my chest, gruesomely.
It looks like sense is scattering away and vanishing, huh.
That empty time* is burned into my memory.

Before I end up remembering all sorts of things
I’ll erase all sorts of things**
There’s nothing I can’t do.
Yes, there’s is nothing that I can’t do.

(Ah… La…)
Show me your smile, show me your smile.
Show me your smile, show me your smile.

Translator’s Notes

*So, the word is 空白 (Kuuhaku) which means a blank space, like, on a piece of paper, or a void, a vacuum…. lots of things. General nothingness.

**The things here are different. 事 (koto) are inanimate things/conceptual things like emotions or dreams, or memories as it seems to be here.
物 (mono) are physical things of tangible form. Animals, books, whatever. I got the feeling he means people too but that’s just an interpretation.


Poketto no naifu
Nigiru te ga asebamu
Subete wo kaeru
Chikara ga boku no naka ni

Tadashii koto wa
Kitto bouryoku-teki de kanashii

(Ah… la…)

Kaa-san, boku wa hitori de yareru yo
Kirai ni nanka naranaide yo


Hidoi hitokoto, boku no mune wo
Mugotarashiku tsuranuku
Risei ga keshi-tonde shimaisou na
Kuuhaku no jikan wo yaki-tsukete

Iron-na koto wo omoi-sashite shimau mae ni
Iron-na mono wo keshi-sarun da
Boku ni dekinai koto nante nai
Sou sa, dekinai koto nante nain da.

(Ah…. La…)
Egao wo misete yo Egao wo misete yo
Egao wo misete yo Egao wo misete yo.




きっと暴力的で 悲しい

(Ah… La…)



酷い一言 僕の胸を
惨たらしく 貫く


(Ah…. La…)

笑顔を見せてよ 笑顔を見せてよ
笑顔を見せてよ 笑顔を見せてよ



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