Mustafa – Charan Po Rantan (Translation/Lyrics)

Back to Charan Po Rantan~ This one isn’t an original of theirs, though, it was a pretty Franco-Arabic song back in the 60’s called Ya Mustafa but, I’ll admit, the internet told me. I don’t know anything about this kind of music, I’d like to though! Video at the bottom of the post (^^) Performing with them is the amazing Cancan Balkan~ As usual, Romaji/Japanese lyrics are further down the page.


Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a man.
He was in love with a rich girl who didn’t love him back and was rejected in a blink.
The man’s name was Mustafa, poor Mustafa,
Unrequited Mustafa,
Lingering affection Mustafa.

Determined, he woke up early every morning and worked until night.
Now, he’s so rich, the richest man in all Turkey.
You’re rich, Mustafa!
The richest in Turkey, Mustafa!
Building buildings, Mustafa.
You’re rich, Mustafa!
There’s even an elephant* on the roof top.

So, he went to meet the girl but now he was rich.
But, she’s 60 years old now. Well, of course she is, Mustafa!
Now, she’s 60 years old.
Mustafa’s, 60, too.
Of course she’s 60, Mustafa!
Do the math, at least!

*Puns again 😉 This one is simple.

象/ゾウ(Zou) = Elephant

像 (Zou) = Statue

Is there an elephant on the roof or a statue?! Or a statue of an elephant?! We may never know! It’s probably an elephant, though. Not sure why ^^;


Mukashi, mukashi sono muakashi, hitori no otoko orimashita.
O-kane-mochi no musume ni kata-omoi. Atto iu ma ni furareta yo
Otoko no namae Musutafa.
O-kane no nai Musutata
Kata-omoi no Musutafa
Miren tarashi Musutafa.

Kare wa ichinenhokki shite, asa kara ban made hataraite
Ima ja tottemo o-kane-mochi
Toruko ichi-ban o-kane-mochi
O-kane-mochi da you Musutafa
Biru wo tateta yo Musutafa
O-kane-mochi da yo Musutafa
Okujou ni wa zou mo iru

Kare ni wa musume ni ai ni yuku
Datte ima de wa o-kane-mochi
Dakedo kanojo wa roku jussai.
Atarimae da yo Musutafa!
Ima ya kanojo wa roku jussai
Musutafa mo roku jussai
Atarimae da yo Musutafa
Keisan kurai shite oke yo


昔々その昔 一人の男おりました
お金持ちの娘に片思い あっという間にふられたよ
男の名前ムスタファ お金のないムスタファ
片思いのムスタファ 未練たらしムスタファ

今じゃとってもお金持ち トルコ一番お金持ち
お金持ちだよムスタファ ビルを建てたよムスタファ
お金持ちだよムスタファ 屋上にはゾウもいる

彼には娘に会いに行く だって今ではお金持ち
だけど彼女は60歳 あたり前だよムスタファ
今や彼女は60歳 ムスタファも60歳
あたり前だよムスタファ 計算くらいしておけよ

Ya Mustafa~ ❤


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